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How do I place an order as an overseas customer?
Placing an order on KIC Airsoft Shop website is easy and flexible.
No need to create an account, just add items to shopping list and then submit after filling all the required(*) fields correctly for necessary information (especially email address and country).
​Our sales representatives will contact you by email with a full quotation including shipping cost in a short time.
Can you ship products to my country?
Yes, KIC Airsoft Shop can legally export any of our products from Taiwan to foreign countries.

However, airsoft guns and accessories are illegal or restricted in some countries. It would be better for you to confirm the legality of importation before placing an order.

We do not guarantee the import regulations of each country that we are aware of are the latest.

​Our sales representatives will also remind you in our replying email, if there is any concern based on our knowledge and experiences.
What shipping methods are provided?
1. Express Mail Service ( EMS )
2. International Postal Parcel ( AIRMAIL )
​3. FedEx
What payment methods are accepted?
1. PayPal
2. International Wire Transfer (bank fee would be charged in addition)

Please kindly note that :
If you will visit KIC in person, ONLY CASH is accepted for payment in storefront. (NO Credit Card Either)
Why didn't I receive the complete quotation of my order?
1. Replies for order are proceeded in KIC office hours which are 10:00 to 18:00 (UTC/GMT+8) Monday through Friday.
2. Replies will be paused during the national holidays in Taiwan.
3. Replies will be postponed a little bit when e-mails are too many to digest.

Please wait for a little more time, and thank you for your patience in advance again.